ICICI Credit Card Offers from the Premium and Classic Types

The ICICI Company is founded in India. It operates over two thousand branches in its country of origin. However, it has already branched out into many international branches for its expansion program. And the ICICI bank and its credit card subsidiaries are now found in several countries.
The Indian Bank’s Credit Card Company had demonstrated a big progress in the credit card market. In India, it ranks first in the number of cardholders. The popularity of the ICICI credit bank offers could be the main reason for its increasing client base. Among these ICICI credit card offers is the flexibility in handling your account. Added to this is convenience of its use.
The ICICI has a plethora of different collection of cards. Aside from the gemstone, airline and fuel collection, there are more other kinds of ICICI credit cards. Widely accepted in India and in many countries worldwide, the ICICI Visa and Master cards can further be categorized as classic and premium or preferred.

ICICI credit card offers common card features

You know that the Credit Card Company of ICICI Bank of India offers many different cards. They can have varied features. However, ICICI credit card offers common features for all kinds of cards. Every ICICI credit card offers internet banking where you can check your account status online. You also receive email statements. There is the auto debit and balance transfer facilities. It makes use of the services of cellular phones such that any credit card under the umbrella of the ICICI Bank sends mobile alerts. You can also make cash advance with the card and the amount is dependent on your card’s credit limit. All cards are entitled to the rewards program of the company where every amount spent using the card earns reward points.
The credit cards can be used internationally and it provides worldwide emergency service to its cardholders. If you want your card to be personalized, you have the photo card option where your photograph can be placed in the card.

ICICI credit card offers from premium cards

ICICI credit card offers
These cards come in a plethora of designs and kinds and you can choose one that suits your specific purpose. Generally, there are premium or preferred cards and classic cards.
The ICICI Premium credit cards are special cards which are considered as lifestyle cards. The Premium ICICI credit card offers, aside from the common benefits and features, include special vacation or travel packages that are fitted to the lifestyle of the elite cardholders. There are many ICICI credit cards that fall under this category. You have Visa Signature Card, Gold American Express Card, Thomas Cook Titanium Credit Card, Platinum Credit Card and others. Being granted the premium card, the ICICI credit card offers high credit limit, exclusive rewards points, higher cash advance and concierge services. Only valued clients of the bank are issued the premium type.

ICICI credit card offers from classic card

ICICI credit card offers four kinds of classic card. These are the following:
• American Express Green Credit Card
• Sterling Silver Credit Card
• Visa Mini Card
• Online Credit Card
Although these four cards are all categorized as classic card, they have different special benefits. One difference is the number of rewards points accruing on a certain amount charged to the card. Some of these classic ICICI credit card offers cover payback points, fuel service surcharge waiver or discounts and personal accident insurance.
The Bank may offer many different kinds of premium and classic cards. But then, you have to satisfy the requirements before you can be a cardholder. ICICI credit card offers many benefits but you have to be 23 years old and employed or self-employed. You should have a source of income – an insurance that card usage can be paid.

ICICI Credit Card Offers – the Different Perks That Go With Card Use

Did you know that when your credit card application is approved, it is tantamount to being granted revolving credit line? The credit limit of your card is the amount of credit line granted to you.
How does a revolving credit line work that it is comparable to a credit card? With a credit line, you can use a portion or the entire line. Then, any amount of payment will provide an outstanding available credit line which can again be released or used. This is the essence of your credit card. You are given a credit limit and you can use a part or all of it. But when your billing statement is due, you have to pay your purchases then the outstanding balance of the limit can again be used for purchases. This is just how simple a credit card is.
Because of the competition in the financial arena, banks offer different perks that is a reward for the use of the credit card. And the Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India (ICCI Bank Limited) is one of the big Indian banks that provide astonishing ICICI credit card offers.
There are numerous ICICI credit card offers but the most notable are […] Continue Reading…

ICICI Credit Card Offers – Gemstone, Airline and Fuel Collection Types of Cards

In today’s world, the credit card had become an integral part of one’s finances. A great majority of shoppers no longer bring cash when they shop. What they use to pay for the goods and even services is the credit card. With the prevalence of online shopping, the credit card becomes even more powerful and essential.
A credit card is actually a kind of payment card. This is issued by financial institutions like banks and it allows the cardholder to use this in paying for purchased commodities. This can be conceived as a revolving credit line and the line is in the form of the credit card limit. Your amount of purchases is deducted from the limit and once paid, the limit reverts to the original amount.
The credit card has flourished as one of the best products of a banking institution such that Credit Card Companies are important bank subsidiaries. Banks like the ICICI Bank is similarly aggressive in its desire to capture a big market for its different cards. In India, the ICIC credit card offers different kinds of cards, each with its own perks to entice future cardholders.
ICICI credit card offers Gemstone collection
Under the Gemstone collection, ICICI credit […] Continue Reading…

ICICI Credit Card Offers Benefits to Cardholders

ICICI credit card offers emanate from its mother company, the ICICI Bank Limited headquartered in Mumbai, India. This is the second largest bank in India and it has branches all over the world – USA, UK, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, Qatar, Dubai and other countries. The ICICI Bank has a plethora of banking products, including the ICICI credit cards.
The credit cards issued by the ICICI bank is very numerous, ranging from the classic to the elite or premium kinds. There is one credit card, the Diamant type is only available by invitation. The rest of the different credit cards, whether Visa card or Master card, can be availed of by application.
The ICICI credit card offers many benefits. But then before you are able to avail of these, you have to be eligible. And there is a fee that may be collected.
ICICI credit card offers – be eligible
Any credit card company will require financial stability from its cardholders. This will gauge the clients’ capacity to pay its credit card purchases. ICICI Bank had designed various ICICI credit card offers to its client and the approval of the application and the level of credit limit is always based on the […] Continue Reading…