ICICI Credit Card Offers – the Different Perks That Go With Card Use

Did you know that when your credit card application is approved, it is tantamount to being granted revolving credit line? The credit limit of your card is the amount of credit line granted to you.
How does a revolving credit line work that it is comparable to a credit card? With a credit line, you can use a portion or the entire line. Then, any amount of payment will provide an outstanding available credit line which can again be released or used. This is the essence of your credit card. You are given a credit limit and you can use a part or all of it. But when your billing statement is due, you have to pay your purchases then the outstanding balance of the limit can again be used for purchases. This is just how simple a credit card is.
Because of the competition in the financial arena, banks offer different perks that is a reward for the use of the credit card. And the Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India (ICCI Bank Limited) is one of the big Indian banks that provide astonishing ICICI credit card offers.
There are numerous ICICI credit card offers but the most notable are those that are pertinent to travel, rewards and cash rebates.

ICICI credit card offers include travel benefits

One of the best perks in the ICICI credit card offers pertains to travel benefits. ICICI has formed partnership with different airlines to give more attractive features in this credit card. With an ICICI Singapore Airlines Visa Platinum Credit Card, the cardholder ejoys complimentary membership to the airline company’s prestigious KrisFlyer Club. The ICICI Bank British Airways American Express Credit Card also offers free membership to its Executive Club which is accompanied by BA miles.
Airline companies affiliated with the ICICI credit card offers provide discounts in the purchase of plane tickets. As you fly with the affiliated airlines, you are accommodated in the airport in VIP or Executive airport lounge. Some ICICI credit card offers constitute discounts in Duty Free Shops and privileged car rental rates. And the most common of all the benefits is the reward points for every mile traveled.

ICICI credit card offers include reward points

ICICI credit card offers
The earning of rewards points for every purchase is another of the many ICICI credit card offers. This shows that the value of shopping is high. The reward point for each purchase may vary. For instance the reward points when used is India is lower than when you use this for purchases done abroad. In fact the reward points double for international expenditures. Another factor for different reward points is the difference in the type of ICICI credit card, albeit the cards are issued by the same Indian Bank. ICICI credit card offers for reward points are even higher when your card is a Platinum kind.
What do you do with your reward points? You can exchange this for items. Or, you can use your reward points for your dining, travel or entertainment and leisure expenses charged to the card.

ICICI credit card offers include cash rebates

The cash rebate in the ICICI credit card offers is synonymous to discount on fuel expense. Just like the rewards points, the ICICI credit card offers for cash rebate vary. In some types of cards, the fuel surcharge is 0%. But in most types of ICICI credit cards, there is a 2.5% cash rebate on gas, petrol or diesel expenses. This 2.5% rebate is nothing but a refund of the fuel surcharge.
When you apply for a credit card, check also on the different perks that can be offered. You can compare these with the benefits that an ICICI credit card offers. All these perks when availed will altogether amount to big savings.